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Fake Designer Bags Why? Enquiring minds want to know. I have no idea, but I have two conjectures: one is that Vadra is being sacrificed so that his relatively small scam (only Rs 500 crores. Yes, only!) can be used to divert attention away from the mega scams (Coalgate, Thorium, Adarsh, CWG, 2G, Air India, handicapgate, and so on, ad nauseam). Fake Designer Bags

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Then again here are the findings it isn our fault Belgium lost to Wales but I sure glad they did lmao.People overrated Germany, Italy, France and Spain just cuz of their name. Spain lost to Croatia and was in their slump as they were in the world cup. Italy and Germany have been in a slump after the 2014 world cup too, but because they got beaten by big countries no one noticed.

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